Specific financial instruments were built in order to head for the needs of even more organized customers and to implement similar strategies to the ones offered by the competitors.

For this purpose, Compagnia Mercantile & Commerciale Export Procurement, can provide services that range from Consultancy to Trading.




  1. Assistance to the definition and regulation of the conditions of sale between Producer and Buyer, by carrying out all the necessary activities in order to gain a satisfying outcome in the operation, by focusing on Export credits;
  2. Administrative management and coordination necessary to run specific operations that allow without recourse discount of the credits.
  3. Assistance to the Producer in the arrangement of a suitable documentation to supply to the Authorities in charge, in order to obtain the Export credits.
  4. Analysis and Examination of the adequacy of the letters of credit compared to contractual conditions.
  5. Analysis of the commercial/financial risks for the Producer.
  6. Trading plants, machines, means of transport, means of loading and unloading and tools for both civil and industrial use, meant to be exported from Italy.

Moreover, Consultancy services through Partner Companies are provided:

  • Low-interest/facilitated Financing
  • Special financing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Processes of Internationalization
  • Legal, tax-related, fiscal, custom, labour law-related and intellectual property-related Assistance.